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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  July 28, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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two men arrested after a fight with a pilot on flight to san francisco from miami will appear in court at any moment. good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. >> passengers jumped in to help the pilot after he was attacked and beaten. amy hollyfield joins us from san francisco international with more. >> some passengers say the men appeared drunk or high, but
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another passenger said one had a surgery and one was on painkillers. they tried to wake up one of of the men to fasten his seat belt. when he won't wake up she went to get the pilot and that is when the chaos begin. >> these two brothers had been acting like thisere drunk or drugged. as they were told to leave the plane, passengers say the brothers turned on the pilot. >> the guy was ill walked up to the captain and he just went, pow and slammed i am very hard. >> luis baez told the pilot when you fly to san juan, i will have you killed. according to the affidavit the pilot's vision was blurry after the punch but he continued to
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follow the men off the plane. inside the airport the men jumped the pilot. >> the captain had his whole sigh of his face was bruised and bloody but those two guys had him on the ground and they were beating the crap out of him. >> that is when the peachx decided to get involved. >> about three or four of us tackled the guy. there was two of them, tackled them and the pilot ended up with contusions on his face. >> one man took pictures ofe passengers holding down the suspect inside the airport. witnesses say it took ten minutes before police came and arrested them. some of the 18 passengers on board are calling the men who held down the suspect heroes. >> it was natural. it was no big deal.
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i was doing my duty, that's all. >> the not try to fly. he is arresting. the two suspects face federal charges of assault and battery. >> oakland police say the 29-year-old father that was shot while feeding the homeless has decided of his injuries. he was shot while he was handing out food. he was with his wife and his daughters when somebody opened up on fire their van. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> today pg&e will start complying with an order to dig up an abandoned section of the pipe that was originally part of the pipeline that blew up in san bruno. the california puc ordered the
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excavation as part of the investigation into explosion and fire that killed 8 people and destroyed 39 hills on. the stretch of pipe being excavated was installed in 1948. the quality of the pipe and it's welds have come under scrutiny since the investigation say parts of the line may have been poorly welded together. >> the woman accused of burglarizing the hotel room of alex trebek tells from jail she wasn't in his room. trebek and his wife was staying at the san francisco marriott hoisting the national geographic competition in google. he chased her down the hall. >> i haven't done nothing. i didn't go in his room. i haven't con it. i wasn't in his room. >> we got most of our stuff back
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except for the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear, it's a bracelet that my mother gave me and the cash. >> police say security caught the woman in the lobby after trebek gave them a description. he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. >> an initiative to ban circumcision will not appear on the ballot. the judge reaffirmed an initial ruling to pull it from the ballot. the judge decided it violates a california law that makes doing medical procedures a function of the state and not cities. jews and muslims have argued that it's part of their right and the ban is in necessary to prevent a form of genital mutilation being performed on children. >> the house is set to vote on a new republican plan to avoid a
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government default next week. boehner's bill may never make it through the senate. eric thomas is here to say why its critical step. >> that is because some observers think even if the boehner bill is a lost cause it will move them closer. boehner discussed his proposal at a news conference just minutes ago. >> when the house takes action today, the united states senate will have no more excuses for inaction. >> house speaker john boehner appear to be making progress for his cost cutting plan. dozens of freshmen republicans now back. >> it we believe this bill is bipartisan, in origin. i believe it will pass the house today. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says if it passes the house it won't be because of her caucus.
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>> i'm proud of the enthusiasm of something other than the boehner bill. the boehner will bill no l not pass. >> the revised bill will raise the debt ceiling by $900 billion and cut government spending but it would make congress revisit the issue in six months. tea party wants more cuts than the debt limit and that has sparked criticism from a key republican. >> the idea seems to be that if the gop refuses to raise the debt ceiling, a gradual government shut down will ensue and the public will turn en masse against president obama. >> harry reid has hits own proposal. he says even if the boehner bill gives the meets the 217 votes in the house, it's dead on arrival in the senate. >> a few extremist republicans
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try to drive us off a cliff. >> white house said today, the country shouldn't have to go through this again as the republican bill would require. they are four days away from the first government default on the debt. >> transportation secretary is urging lawmakers to restore funding for the federal aviation administration. 4,000 faa employees and on 70,000 airport construction workers had to be furloughed on friday when congress couldn't agree to extend the operating authority. a deal fell through because of partisan disputed for rural communities. lawmakers shouldn't be playing politics when it comes to jobs. >> for all of my friends on capitol hill who give speeches every day about jobs, the importance of jobs, putting people to work, this is not the time to be laying off 70,000 construction workers.
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>> the congressional inaction has stopped all work on 150 airport construction projects nationwide and preventing the faa collecting $1200 million a week in tickets. >> a banking group is considering cutting 10,000 jobs. they are dropping a plan to reduce costs by up to $3.5 billion a year. they plan to sell its retail operation and looking to sell it's u.s. credit card arm. >> they released a jobs reports and it shows that employers are laying off fewer works. unemployment fell by 24,000 and this is the first time applications have fallen below 400,000 in four months. >> the economic downturn has impacted your life, we would like know.
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your own testimonial record it on cellphone or digital camera and upload it at ureport at just ahead. clearer communication. a local company helping the oakland police department to financing a long running problem. >> and heroic efforts that saved a young girl and father from drow
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room. >> san jose officials are taking action in the wake of a drowning of a little girl. a group of neighbors is being hailed collectively as a group of heroes. john alston is live with the story. >> reporter: the commotion took place in eight feet of water. the father and daughter are okay. it was their friend who jumped in and pulled out their lifeless bodies and several other residents here also came to the rescue. >> one, two steps. went over and the girl was right down here. the father was right over there to echbld pool. >> jeffrey bale gave cpr to the six-year-old girl after she was pulled from the water. >> mother of the girl didn't know how to give cpr. within a minute or so she was coughing. it was kind of a scary moment. >> bale who lives at the town
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park homes was one of residents that sprung into action last night. >> the child needed some basic cpr. she threw up some water and what not. the gentleman, he was breektd but his eyes were literally rolling up. >> the six-year-old girl and her father were guests here. her mother and other friend was in a nearby hot tub while the father and daughter played. >> the girl was giving it to the girl. >> reporter: all of a sudden it was silence. the mother walked over and saw the two bodies at the bottom of the deep end. >> i heard some of the paramedics the daughter did not know how to swim. she may have been on the dad's back and something may have happened in the deep end and
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they both went under. >> she was trained in cpr and first time he had to use it for real. >> i wasn't even thinking about it. i was looking for the signs. the girl was pretty young. just kind of fell into place. >> reporter: by coincidence the townhome association will have a board meeting and will be discussing cpr training here for residents. the father has been released from the hospital. the girl is kept for observation but they at the say she is okay. >> so nice to seat community stepping up. clorox is helping the oakland police department with the continuing communication problem. they are donating $50,000 to buy new laptop computers for the city's police cars. the donation will pay for 11 panosonic textbook laptops, police only have six laptops in
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the entire fleet. the computers will help officers who have suffered repeatedly with dangerous failures of their radio systems. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> even hot temperatures across the bay. you can see the clouds are lingering around. flight arrival delays into sfo of over an hour. how many of us will touch the 90s. >> jet blue unveils a new fly offer. it will be
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remember yesterday at this time, different picture today. >> a lot more sunshine and temperatures are warmer to a prolonged period of warm weather especially with inland areas. looking to the east and east bay hills. vollmer peak specifically. you can see how clear the area is. a little bit of haze but air quality forecast, everybody is going to be fine the next couple of days. here is a look from the top down. clouds are hugging the coasts and how quickly theyare erasing from our valleys and barely holding on. give it another hour and those will be gone also. talking about temperatures if you are heading out. still in the upper 50s where clouds are thickest.
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half moon bay, san francisco, a lot of 50s and up to the north bay. you see the 70s in the south bay. already 80 in antioch and east bay valleys. around the monterey bay, inland to upper 60s as you head inland. it will be warm around the bay but clouds will cling to the coast and keep you cooler than everybody else. even though warm to hot in the afternoon hours, clouds around the bay and these afternoons, the warm ones, they will hang around all the way through the weekend. nice stretch for cool weather. redwood city, pretty close to average 12-2 degrees warmer. 3 in san jose and 5 in livermore. sun will set at about 8:22 this evening. before it does, warmest weather in east bay valleys. throw mid 90s and even a 97 out in brentwood. rimond is 72. oakland at 75 to in san
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leandro and lot of low to mid-80s for the rest of the neighborhoods. los gatos near 90. some warm weather there. mid-70s and millbrae, san mateo and low to mid-80s for the rest of the peninsula. you psych what the clouds do the coast. 63 in daly city, more sunshine and near downtown south san francisco with sausalito at 72. upper 80s and look at that near 100 heading from santa rosa to ukiah. 76 in santa cruz over to low to mid 90s and morgan hill and cooler around monterey, 68. heading to the a's game, 12:35, sunny, 70 warming up to 74 degrees. high burn factor if you are going to be out in the coliseum this afternoon. warmth moving from palm springs at 106. fresno to 100 to sacramento at 100.
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parts of the valley may touch 100 but it comes after a night when we are in the 50s. so again it's going to be nice at night. you can see the warm weather moving in as the jetstream stays well to our north. this warming trend will have legs for about another couple days and then you see cooler weather about 6 degrees cooler by monday and tuesday of next week. those temperatures are still close to where they should for this time of the year. >> thank you. >> jet blue airline has unveiled a new deal aimed at business travelers. it's called blue pass. including three unlimited flight plans over a three-month period. they range in price from $1300 to $2,000 and allow travelers to fly to dozen of different cities as long as they fly out of long beach or logan airport. there is a limited number of blue passes. >> coming, we'll get yo
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today at 3:00, ellen tauscher talks about the debt battle in washington, d.c. and beauty ad pulled for being too perfect. >> we're looking to see how clear and crisp it is in different conditions. >> putting it to the test. michael finney shows you which three are worth considering. woman from alex trebek broke into his hotel room.
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new musical comedy. >> don sanchez has what's hot. ♪ >> sophisticated andrea marcovicci in the razz room. >> jewish film festival little powerful films that offer discovery. >> theater works presents a new comedy fly by night about life changing events and 1965 new york blackout at lucie stern theater. >> paul riser joins forces for a new cd. here them at bimbo's 365. >> flying kites and family foon at annual berkeley festival.
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kites aren't just for kids at the berkeley marina. >> this is hilarious one woman show across india in flying yoga. >> fifth chevron festival has naltdly renowned performers at lescher center. >> and weather is going to be nice, too. >> it's going to be nice and cool at the coast. >> thank you for j
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(speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause) 
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